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MMS on T-Mobile Prepaid with Non T-Mobile Android Phone

So, I’ve got a Dell Streak. And I’ve always had an issue with getting MMS to work correctly. At one point, one of my Streaks actually worked – some configuration in one the DJ_Steve builds, but after another update it was gone. I’ve talked with T-Mobile customer service and they just gave my some BS answer as to it being a known issue after the rep was unable to figure out how to configure my phone or what the settings should be. Anyway, after consulting my prodigious memory, I had a flash of seeing TWO APN settings in my phone (back when MMS worked).

So, I decided to add an APN specifically for MMS and change the default one’s types to just be Default and Supplicant. And it WORKED!

Here are the settings:

  • Name: T-Mobile US
  • APN:
  • Proxy: <Not set>
  • Port: <Not set>
  • Username: <Not set>
  • Password: <Not set>
  • Server: <Not Set>
  • MMSC:
  • MMS proxy:
  • MMS port: 8080
  • MCC: 310
  • MNC: 260
  • Authentication type: None
  • APN type: mms


Now, you may be wondering. . .How do I test these things without potentially spamming my friend’s phone? Well, as we all know, our phones actually have email addresses. They are of the format Other service providers have different email formats so if you wanted to email stuff to their phone, google “phone email address ATT” or whatever. Now, if you just send text only, it will come as an SMS. If you send an attachment, it tends to arrive as an MMS (assuming the attachment is an image or mp3 or supported file).

Anyway, after configuring your MMS settings, email yourself a picture. If you receive the MMS, then you know your phone can receive. Then reply to that MMS with a picture of your own (from your phone). If you get an email with the image, then sending also works. Pat yourself on the back!